Yellowtail catch and cook from another fishing trip out at Gordon’s Bay – near Cape Town. This was definitely not what we were expecting when we went out in search of some more bonito. Needless to say, we all had an awesome time out catching these amazing fish. Such a privilege to have experienced this rare occurrence!

We set out early morning on Syfret’s Gemini 505 which is powered by a 2 stroke 90hp Mariner. The first hour and a half was action packed with us landing 4 bonito. Things died down and as were were deciding to call it a day, the unexpected happened.

We saw a flock of birds working what looked like bait fish on the surface of the water. We decided to troll past the birds and within seconds the first line went tight. Only a few meters later and the second line went tight too. When the fish arrived at the boat, we were all shocked to see a massive yellowtail (kingfish) instead of more bonito.

After landing those two, we attempted some sight casting and more trolling around – but no luck. We were however more than happy with our catch and filled with adrenaline we decided to call it a day, head home and cook up some dinner.

This was my first ever yellowtail catch and cook and I can’t wait to do it again!

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