MASS dolphin sighting and bottom fishing around Macassar, False Bay

MASS dolphin sighting

In this video I head out to sea with Syfret on his Gemini 505. We set out on a quick troll to see if anything’s around Gordon’s Bay, followed by a send out to Macassar for some fast paced bottom fishing.

We decide to leave the bait at home and purely catch fish while jigging, which proved to be highly successful. A number of different species were caught and we did the responsible thing, releasing all but one fish.

While trolling in Gordon’s Bay, we cut the motor after unexpectedly being surprised by a seriously large number of dolphins. They surrounded the boat and jumped out within touching distance, which was an awesome sight to behold.

As the day was drawing to an end, a large whale came to greet us and send us on our way.

Even though I ended up getting sea sickness, this was one of my favourite days out at sea.

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