FANTASTIC day trolling / fishing in Gordon’s Bay!

Fishing Gordon's Bay

Fishing Gordon’s Bay is always fun. I’ve tried the old harbour wall a couple of times, but nothing compares to trolling up and down the coast.

In this video, myself and Syfret head out to Hangklip Hotel to camp fo the night. We take his Gemini 505 out on the way to the campsite and again after packing up camp in the morning.

Our first trip out wasn’t successful in terms of catch, but most defiantly was in terms of scenery. We were treated to a windless sunset, with almost no swell to spoil the views.

We arrived at the campsite after sunset, which resulted in a nice and difficult tent pitching experience. I recently bought the Tentco Senior Wanderer and this was my first time getting to pitch it.

There was no electricity at the campsite, but we arrived so late that all we wanted to do was eat and sleep before the exciting morning of fishing ahead.

After breakfast in the morning, our initial plan was to head to Strand, but reports indicated that the best option would be Gordon’s Bay. We spotted a number of boats out on the water while driving past Gordon’s Bay so decided to scratch our initial plan and follow suite.

After about an hour of no action on the water, we were overwhelmed by landing 3 large katonkel / bonitas. We got all 3 fish on the deck within a 15 minute window. Recording became seriously difficult with all the game fish fighting going on – but we fortunately still managed to capture the experience well enough.

This was our first successful trolling trip and we were surprised that it happened while fishing Gordon’s Bay and not Cape Point (where we had previously tried).

It was also the first time that either of us had caught bonita so overall an amazing short weekend trip!

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